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B2B Call-to-action Button Examples

Do you know, for every 100 visitors come to your B2B website, just only 1-4 consider to stay and become leads (yes, only leads, not sales). Obviously, a true marketer will feel discouraging when they heard about this statistic, for they wasted countless hours to spend on buying ads or designing landing pages. So what's wrong?

You should know that the most important element of B2B landing pages could be a major factor: the call-to-action Button. Too many marketers are defaulting to the dreaded “Submit” button and missing out on a serious boost in conversions as a result. Want to end the low conversion rate trauma? Let's take a look at B2B Call-to-action Button Examples.

1. Keep it short

Get straight to the point with your call-to-action. You can use headlines, body copy, and images to include supplemental information (which research shows is usually skimmed anyway and not read in its entirety), but your CTA itself should be between two to five words.

For example: Use "Get Free Guide" instead of "Click here to download your copy of the comprehensive guide of Magento Omnichannel!"

2. Don't use Demands

Use commands, not demands. By filling out a form or otherwise taking action on your website, visitors are doing you a favor. Don’t demand any more of them than they’re already giving by using generic and potentially demanding words such as “submit,” “send,” or “click here.”

3. Convey Value

What’s in it for me? That’s what I want to know when I click a call-to-action button or submit a form with my personal information. CTAs like "Request a Consultation with a Sales Rep" are overly sales-oriented and imply a greater benefit for the business than for the prospect. Marketers should take care to explain (in as few words as possible) the value the lead will receive.

So instead, you should use "Schedule My Omnichannel Consultation"

4. Make the CTA obvious

Don’t make potential leads work to navigate your landing page. It’s important to keep your CTA above the fold so visitors don’t have to scroll to find it, especially on mobile. Make sure it stands out from the background, as well. You can do this with a colorful button or otherwise differentiated text.

5. Indicate urgency

It’s simple psychology: people are more likely to act when there’s a sense of urgency. Whether you invoke a sense of scarcity on your landing page (“Only 10 free guides left!”) or add a time-sensitive word like “today” or “now” to your CTA, you’re likely to see a boost in your conversion rate.

That's all example of Call-to-action button for B2B marketing. But the last thing you should remember, you need to do test more and more to find out which one is the best for your B2B website. Thank you for reading B2B Call-to-action Button Examples in Omnichannelgal.

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