After hundred tests in the lab, and four years of in-home use, we are confident to show you the complete list of Best air purifier Reviews in 2019.
Air purifiers of the kind we test—those with true HEPA or equivalent filters—do one thing and do it extremely well: Remove fine particles from the air. These include dust, pollen, mold spores, exhaust soot, most smoke, and some bacteria. True HEPA and equivalent filters remove them extraordinarily efficiently—the acronym stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air—cutting the hardest-to-filter size, 0.3 microns, by 99.97 percent in a single pass in the certification tests.
In a hurry? You just only need to read these lists below and find the best air purifier:

1, Best Air Purifiers in 2019
2, Best Air Purifiers for Bedroom
3, Best Air Purifiers for Allergies
4, Best Air Purifiers for Pets
5, Best Large Room Air Purifiers
6, Best Air Purifiers for Office
7, Best Air Purifiers for Smoke
8, Best Air Purifiers for Mold
9, Best Air Purifiers for Dust
10, Best Air Purifier Brands

Why you need this list?

HEPA filters don’t catch gases (radon, VOCs), for example; to capture those, you need an adsorbent (typically activated charcoal). And no air purifiers can do anything about the many larger allergens—dust mites and pet hair, for example—that can settle on furniture and other surfaces, and remain in the environment even after the air has been purified. (To get rid of them, you’ll also need a good dust mop and/or vacuum cleaner.)
And few real-world homes or offices are airtight; new particles are almost always being drawn in through windows, doors, HVAC equipment, dampers, and other openings. That means air purification is a continuous process—and to be most effective, air purifiers need to run more or less around the clock, so energy usage should be factored into their long-term cost. (We calculated these costs and list them in the picks sections below.)
As the EPA says, “The best way to address residential indoor air pollution usually is to control or eliminate the source of the pollutants and to ventilate the home with clean outdoor air.” That means: Don’t smoke indoors, vacuum and dust regularly, keep your pets outside when possible, and open your windows on nice days. Taking these measures alone will significantly improve your home’s air quality. If you want to go further, bring in an air purifier.

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