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Tips and Tricks To Resell Sneakers On EBay

Hi guys. It’s me - Lamar. So lately, a lot of people have been direct messaging me, and jamming me, DMing me on Instagram and asking me how you resell sneakers?
And I'm here to tell you guys it's not that easy, but there are some tips that you want to take into account when selling or reselling your sneakers. This isn't a video whether you hate resellers or you are a reseller. These are just tips to resell sneakers on ebay and if you want to sell your shoes: knowing a few things before you start selling shoes it's definitely easier to start selling them, rather than just jumping in the game and not knowing anything.

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Tips to resell sneakers on ebay number 1: Take nice-looking pictures

The first step to resell sneakers on ebay that I'll tell you guys is that make sure you take good pictures of your shoes. You got to make your product appealing. If I'm trying to sell this sweater to it and it's all like wrinkled up and I'll crimp it on the ground and take a picture of that. No one's going to want it. But if you take a picture of this shoe that looks appealing, it makes buying on it.

Sometimes when you take a nice picture of a shoot, people don't even realize that they want this shoe until they see the picture of the shoe. This isn't saying that you need to use a diss on camera or mirrorless camera, that's not what I'm saying here. What I am saying is that if you have like a good iPhone, you guys can take great pictures of your shoes. So consistent background, and consistent angles, with good lighting, and makes the bio feel a little bit more comfortable because it feels like less of a scam.

Tips to resell sneakers on ebay number 2: Build your own reputation

When you're as organized and then you can build your reputation. And that's my part two to resell sneakers on ebay: you need to build your reputation. There are Facebook rooms in Toronto we have Toronto shoe game, and then another's TSN, and then big Hoover, this Vancouver sneakerhead group or something like that. There's a ton of groups that you guys can actually join and once you start building a reputation, it gets easier to start selling shoes because they know that you're not going selling anything fake.

If you guys look on the internet right now there's so many fake Yeezy. There's so many fake Jordan out there, it's ridiculous. So if you start building the reputation, people are more inclined to work with you or people are more kinda vibe from you. Then they were through Kijiji, our Canadian Craigslist and for you Americans then you would for Craigslist.

The people in the group know and then if you build a reputation you will be known as someone that sells authentic shoes, and also not our ridiculous prices.

Tips to resell sneakers on ebay number 3: Sell at a reasonable price

That's my third thing to resell sneakers on ebay that you want to look for is making sure that you're selling your shoe at a reasonable price. Guys, let's just be honest, the low ball has just existed and they no matter how nice of a shoe and no matter how much of a still a price you want to give it to them. They'll still low ball. You can't avoid that, but give the people a reasonable price.

I'm not going to go and ask for my very near des black toe ones, and I'm not going to be asking for $1000 for these shoes. That's just ridiculous, and people will just try to find that one person that's willing to spend that much, but find a reasonable price that you would be willing to sell. It this black top one I'm a reasonable price that I can sell that is nothing. Because I actually don't want to resell the shoe and I don't know the market price of the shoe but I'm assuming that I can get around four hundred dollars for this black to one brand new.

Yet I'm not going to be asking for 800 because that's ridiculous, so if you're trying to resell your shoes, but most times if you want to be consistently reselling: give your clientele and yeah I know as we already say clientele, but give the people that buy your shoes a reasonable price. So that they won't feel like they're getting screwed over it if they're buying the shoes off of you.

Tips to resell sneakers on ebay number four: Honesty

And the last thing I'll say about reselling shoes is: to be honest with the sneaker game going crazy as it is right now. You need to have a sneaker plug or a way to get the shoes for retail so that you can flip it for more. With all the crazy tiaras that Jordan are giving out, you would think that resell game would be dead. It's still there a little bit but not nearly as much as it was before, so now the resale game still does exist especially with the Yeezys, the Jordan models, and the new one that they do have is the nods.
As the resale market on the entities it just blew up all the sudden, I don't know where it came from. If you want to be consistent in the resell game, you need a plug and shout out to my plug, you know who you are thank you very much. Thank you for reading Tips to resell sneakers on ebay.

You'll need a plug to make sure that you'll be able to get your pair and also multiple pairs in order to resell. And that plug is not easy to come by because most people that work in the secret business, and special boutiques, they already have their people and they're not looking for new plugs.

And I'm not the biggest reseller, I like to keep so my kicks. But some of my kicks I do like to resell because it is an expensive hobby. So in the comment section below comment your thoughts on resellers: people hate it because they say they ruin the game, but then people just say that the game's adjusting, and you've got a resale to stay in the game.

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