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Top 5 B2B Marketing Ideas in 2018 [Infographic]

In 2018, there will be a total changing in B2B marketing, marking the new B2B Marketing ideas in 2018. In E-commerce, true ideas for B2B marketing tactics will grow your business far more efficiently. For a lack of testing is not an effective strategy to grow your company. The platforms of E-commerce website are also contribute to the success of your B2B ideas, with the domination of Magento 2 and the integration with mobile devices of new Magento 2 extensions, for example the Sales Order app. Now, let's see what are the Top 5 B2B Marketing Ideas in 2018.

Source: FitSmallBusiness

1. The power of CTA Button

Changing your CTA to appeal to your target market can skyrocket your conversion rate. Many B2B marketers unintentionally use a CTA (Call-to-Action) that sounds good but doesn’t actually appeal to the concerns and help their target customer's experiences.

Remember that you are offering a solution. Which means your CTA needs to do just two simple things: Identify the problem and offer a solution.

To increase your CTA’s effectiveness, though, you need to understand your target market. And one of the best ways to better understand your target market is by understanding how your competition is using their CTA to drive leads and sales.

-> It is suggested to have a look at some B2B Call-to-Action Button Examples.

Ask yourself these simple questions: What are the current problems of your customers? What do they need the most? How to solve their problems?

Then you can reword your CTA to be more effective. You can also use some tools to identify the selling points of your competitors. One recommended tool is Ahrefs to crawl their data and give you exact word they are aiming at.

2. Content marketing

To meet the demands of today’s marketplace, it’s imperative that the traditional role of B2B marketers expands beyond the comforts of the marketing department. While there are certainly many new techniques of marketing to use in B2B, content marketing is well-positioned to lead the charge.

Does your B2B have a content manager, or at the very least, someone who can devote part of their time to content for your website, blog and social media? If not, take a hard look at your marketing strategy for 2014 and your employees' job descriptions. Content is king. It has been for years and will continue to be, so devoting time, money and resources to it will be important for the next year.

3. Email Marketing

When it comes to B2B lead generation, people try again and again numerous of strategies to find out the best way to generate leads for their website.

Email marketing is one of the few online marketing channels that has stood the test of time. In fact, email is 23 years old this year, and it still trumps the top spot on many B2B marketer’s lists of B2B lead generation strategies.

One of the biggest trends in email marketing at the moment, that has generated great results for many B2B businesses, is marketing automation.

See why Email Marketing is the best B2B strategy in 2018.

4. Analytics

Whether your B2B uses Google Analytics, or a system integrated into your CMS like Sitecore's DMS, you are collecting invaluable information about your visitors. Geographical, referral, device and page data needs to be monitored constantly to leverage for sales.

Advanced analytics can provide means for classifying visitors or subscribing to them. Analytics also allows you to view marketing tools such as page flow, surfacing data on client patterns on your site.

5. Data

This increasing need for collaboration has led to the development of digital ecosystems data. Players like Apple and Google present an interesting case for how B2C ecosystems work. Consider Apple, which is primarily a B2C tech vendor, but it has built a new smart business model that pulls together technologies from multiple domains and combines them to form a solution that wins buyers acceptance. Amazon, Facebook, and Google are working on a similar kind of business model as well.

So, considering the examples of these tech giants, one can suggest that in this era of personalized customer experiences, B2B ecosystems are no longer an add-on; instead, they have become a necessity for progressive B2B businesses.

And here is the Infographic:

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