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Top Free Retail Trade Publications in United Kingdom

If you are interested in Retail Trade publications and you live in United Kingdom, you may want to see Omnichannelgal's list of Top Free Retail Trade Publications in United Kingdom. We follow the top traffic retail magazines in United Kingdom, pick up the most retail centric blogs, publications and magazines to form a handy list. Whether you are finding any tips or tricks to run a retail store, looking for some retail trends or just simply have something to eat with your breakfast, the sites below will definitely help you.

The most important thing we want to give to our audience is the value. The trade publications of retail we collect in this list must answer these questions: How it brings the value to the retailers? Will they learn a lot from these sites? And Is it worth their time?

NOTE: These website are exclusively the free retail trade publications in United Kingdom, so they will contain lots of UK-only retailer news. Moreover, if you are a store owner who need a pocket Retail Solution, you should have Sales Order App in your tablet or phone.

Retail Focus - Best Case Studies of Retail Trade Publications

The first retail trade publication in UK is The Retail Focus. One of the best sources for retailers if you are living in United Kingdom. You may love the Retail News, Events and Directory, but what differentiate this blog with others is the Projects - the important and actual case studies of successful retail brands.

Being a well-informed merchant isn’t just about staying updated on retail trends; you also have to keep a close eye on consumer trends. That’s where Out & About comes in. A column by retail journalists of Retail Focus cover all the latest in consumer news, social trends, retail developments, and more, helping you stay in-the-know when it comes to issues that matter to your customers and your fellow retailers.

Retail Week - Total Research of UK Retail

The host of Retail Week Award - The Retail Week is one of the best retail trade publications which you can find in UK. Their topics cover many important events of one year, from Black Friday to Christmas. This website also focus on Marketing - both B2B Marketing and Email Marketing.

If you want a good analysis for retail trends, The Retail Week will deliver it to you.

Retail Technology - Free Retail Trade Publication in UK

Retail Technology is more than just a website or blog—it’s a forum for the retail industry. Every business morning, their editors publish discussion articles on newsworthy topics in retail, and they invite members of their experts to weigh in and offer their opinions. This format - Ask the Experts results in “virtual round tables of industry opinion and advice,” so instead of just getting a news article or one-sided analysis, readers get views and insights from various independent sources.

Retail Times - Be inspired with Retail Publication

A trusted resource for independent retailers and other small business owners, Retail Times has been providing news, education and small business support. In addition to offering valuable resources through its website, Retail Minded offers resources and solutions for merchants (both in and out of their stores) through the Retail Minded Magazine, Retail Minded Resource Guide and their Retail Minded Partner Program.

The Retail Times website is edited by Fiona Briggs who has more than 20 years’ experience in business to business journalism with 10+ years’ experience of editing at senior level in print and online. Fiona has previously edited magazines in the grocery, DIY and housewares sectors and is the editor of Global Convenience Store Focus, an online newsletter for executives in the international convenience and forecourt market. Fiona also contributes Global Trends articles to NACS Magazine, the magazine for the Association for Convenience and Petroleum Retailing in the US and she writes for Forbes, focusing on retail business and technology.

Retail Gazette - A top Retail Trade Publication in UK

Retail Gazette provides news and original analysis on the latest happenings to over 500,000 retail executives. With a mobile-optimized daily email newsletter, website, and app, Retail Gazette keeps you informed on the go. You’ll get coverage of topics such as marketing, e-Commerce, technology, corporate news, loss prevention, payments, consumer trends, logistics, and more. With Retail Gazette you’ll gain the industry’s most important news, tweets, events, jobs, stock updates, and more.

We hope we were able to add some valuable sites to your online reading list! Do you have other suggestions or feel that we missed a site or two? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see if we can update our list.

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